SIPTU: "Next 24 hours will bring Bus Éireann talks to a conclusion"

Talks at the WRC have adjourned for the evening

SIPTU: "Next 24 hours will bring Bus Éireann  talks to a conclusion"

SIPTU Organiser Willie Noone, has said that the talks reached a critical stage yesterday evening | Image:

Talks at the Workplace Relations Comminsion over the Bus Éireann dispute have adjourned for the evening.

The NBRU says the parties will reflect on a number of issues overnight and reiterated that all sides are committed to reaching a conclusion.

SIPTU have said that "the next 24 hours will bring Bus Éireann talks to a conclusion one way or another".

Tens of thousands of commuters have been affected by the strike action for the past 16 days.

The dispute centres around the company’s proposed survival plan, which involves significant cuts to workers pay and conditions.

This is the third weekend of strike action at Bus Éireann as unions are refusing to accept cuts without an agreement, while management have said the company is on the brink of insolvency, and will go out of business unless large-scale savings can be made.

Dermot O'Leary, General Secretary of the National Bus and Railworkers Union told Newstalk yesterday that the issues up for discussion are "complex"

He said "They are lots of grades to work through. We have worked through some of the issues pertaining to lots of those grades.”

"I suppose after 15 days in dispute people will understand that those issues must be complex otherwise they wouldn’t be so long a) in dispute and b) involved in discussion."