Newstalk achieves record weekly audience of 764,000 listeners in latest JNLR

All weekday primetime programmes have registered year-on-year and book-on-book growth

Newstalk has grown its listenership by 43,000 over the past year to achieve a record weekly reach of 764,000 listeners, according to the latest JNLR results released today.

On the key audience measurement of market share, Newstalk has reached an all-time high of 6.6% nationally and in the important Dublin area, Newstalk has achieved an all-time high market share of 10.5%. 

All weekday primetime programmes on Newstalk have registered year-on-year and book-on-book growth in Reach and Average Quarter Hour. 

Speaking about the latest JNLR figures, Chris Doyle from Newstalk said: “We are very pleased with Newstalk’s performance in the JNLR.

"Today’s results show Newstalk has had audience growth consistently over the last 12 months with the station adding audience across the day from Newstalk Breakfast through to early evening.”

Key figures for Newstalk programmes:

  • Newstalk Breakfast - Reach 126,000 (Up 7,000 book-on-book, Up 10,000 year-on-year)
  • Pat Kenny - Reach 148,000 (Up 5,000 book-on-book, no change year-on-year)
  • Lunchtime Live - Reach 99,000 (No Change book-on-book, up 2,000 year-on-year)
  • Moncrieff - Reach 83,000 (Up 1,000 book-on-book, up 7,000 year-on-year)
  • Hard Shoulder - Reach 145,000 (Up 6,000 book-on-book, up 15,000 year-on-year)
  • Off The Ball - Reach 54,000 (Down 1,000 book-on-book, up 4,000 year-on-year)