New text scam targets Bank of Ireland customers

No, your 365 account isn't really locked...

New text scam targets Bank of Ireland customers

The Bank of Ireland flag at the branch on College Green, Dublin | Image: Julien Behal / PA Archive/PA Images

Bank of Ireland customers are at risk of having their account details compromised, as a new wave of phishing hits phones.

According to the Irish Independent, the hoax text informs the recipient that their 365 online banking account has been locked for security reasons.

They are then asked to follow a link and input personal data to confirm their account details.

Non-Bank of Ireland customers are apparently also at risk, with the bank confirming that they are aware of the hoax and stating that "a number of banks including Bank of Ireland have been targeted with this kind of scam".

It revealed earlier this week that it had been contacted by many customers about the suspicious text through Twitter and were advising people to ignore and delete the message.

Responding to another round of hoax texts in January, Bank of Ireland said:

"Suspicious SMS 'smishing', can be in circulation at any time, and customers bring these to the attention of the Bank on an ongoing basis."

Bank of Ireland will never send emails or texts to customers requesting personal information. Any time you receive such an unsolicited request from "Bank of Ireland", you should automatically consider it to be fraudulent and report it immediately.