New interactive mapping tool aims to shine a light on Dublin housing crisis

The new tool is being billed as Google Maps for housing

New interactive mapping tool aims to shine a light on Dublin housing crisis

image: Dublin Housing Observatory

A new interactive map of the capital is being billed as Google Maps for housing.

The tool comes from a new Dublin City Council unit that compiles information on property prices, rents and the condition of housing.

The Dublin Housing Observatory (DHO) aims to provide “objective and verifiable” data on housing in the city.

The council set up the unit as an “authoritative voice on housing issues” in an effort to address the ongoing housing crisis.

The DHO interactive mapping tool will allow people source up to date and verified information on the housing market supplied by a range of State authorities.

The council’s head of housing policy research and development, Dáithí Downey has been appointed as head of the DHO.

“It is the first major public sector collaboration between the City Council, Ordnance Survey Ireland and Maynooth University’s All–Ireland Research Observatory,” he said.

“What is at the heart of that is the launch of an online interactive mapping viewer which integrates a whole swathe of public data for the very first time.

“Perhaps the quickest way to describe it is that it is like Google Maps except it is all about housing in your area.”

Dr Downey said the tool will “greatly improve the transparency of the housing market.”

Dr Downey said the tool provides a new way to visualise the information.

"It is a very different way of seeing the data and it will reveal quite a number of things that people will recognise themselves in their own area," he said.

"So it makes the data very, very real - it is all about the living city."

There was a total of 9,846 homeless people in Ireland in May according to the latest Government figures.