New app allows users to share Facebook images privately, even without a profile

Facebook Moments is available now...

Since it's foundation, Facebook has been the go-to place for many of us to store and share images from big occasions in our lives. Birthdays, babies and brilliant nights out have been illustrated via a series of photos, captured on our smartphones. 

Up until now, it's been difficult to share these images with friends and family members who do not have a Facebook profile. This is why the company has launched their Moments app. 

Users can share a web link to a private album with anyone, even if they're not on Facebook themselves. They can join the album and even upload their own images. The Moments app is available to download on both iOS and Android now. 

To get started, users can label faces of their friends. The app then learns who is whom and offers to share the photos with that person. It's possible to share a non-Facebook link with friends and family. 

Once a photo has been added to Moments, it's possible to share it to other apps like Facebook. Keep in mind photos in Moments are private until you, or the friends you've sent them to, choose to share them more broadly.

To share photos from Moments:

  1. Tap the photo you want to share
  2. Tap 
  3. Tap where you want to share the photo (ex: text message, Facebook)