"My world fell apart": Women share their stories at the Citizen's Assembly

6 women spoke today at the Assembly

"My world fell apart": Women share their stories at the Citizen's Assembly

File photo | Image: RollingNews.ie

The Citizens' Assembly heard today from six women about their experiences of pregnancy and the Eighth Amendment.

Women have been sharing their personal stories with the group of 99 Assembly members, who are working to come up with recommendations for how the government should deal the Eight Amendment.  

The women tackled the issue from a number of points of view and it was the first time the assembly heard directly from women affected by the issue.

The interviews were conducted by Mary Ryan of Maynooth University who introduced each testimony separately. 

Although they remained anonymous, the women agreed that the final version was an accurate account of their personal story of abortion. 

One of the women said that she was "absolutely clear from the start" that she wanted an abortion.

Speaking about how she got pregnant she said they were "Consenting adults, we used protection but it obviously didn’t work."

The woman said that she travelled to London to have an abortion but that the journey there was "awful", She added that "I just didn’t want to be pregnant at all."

She also said that "My only thought was if this plane crashes everyone is going to know that I’m pregnant."

 Another woman spoke about her experience saying "I had two babies who’d already suffered from having watched their mother almost have a nervous breakdown. So finding out I was pregnant again was terrifying, terrifying."

The woman said her and her partner decided an abortion was the best option but that they were forced to get a loan to pay for the trip to the UK. 

The woman also said "I don’t think women should be made to constantly feel that shame… Why should we be threatened with 14 years in jail."