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Toms Clancy reviews Dona Paula Estate Black Edition, Mendoza, Argentina 2014 and Lady de Mour, AC Margaux 2014

Dona Paula Estate Black Edition, Mendoza, Argentina 2014
Pricing : around €18

Available : Widely available in selected independent Off Licences, Supermarkets and wines shops nationwide

Argentina is often perceived as being shaded by Chile's global wine triumph. Almost every year a new wine region or a new grape in an old wine region seems top break through from Chile. By contrast Argentina has acquired its reputation for beefy Malbec and cooler left field white wines like Torrentes.

The reality is that in many ways Argentina’s real delight is in its wine roots back in the early part of the 20th century, and in some class leading Chardonnay, but now in the unfashionable buttery, barrel aged styles and best of all its complex Bordeaux blends, of which this is one. This however is not New World does Bordeaux, that is a single varietal Cabernet Sauvignon, this is the real deal, a blend as complicated and frankly engaging as many Bordeaux wines twice or three times its price here. Made from Cabernet Sauvignon, with Malbec and Petit Verdot just as we would see on the Left Bank, the Medco in Bordeaux. IT is a bit of a triumph and this price, a steal for the savvy last minute Christmas shopper.

Lady de Mour, AC Margaux 2014

Pricing : €34.99

Available : SuperValu Supermarkets shops nationwide

Even before you utter the name Margaux, the words that emerge from a sip of this elegant and well defined wine, is that it offers, in abundance, the much underrated iteration of savoury adult tastes and textures. I always like to shy away from words like, balance and poise, but here they seem required. This has the movement of a fast moving cu=cyclist as they bend and sway on a race track, speed, grace, built on technical excellence. This wine is from the Margaux appellation which, though never out of fashion with those who can afford its best producers, has in the affordable range been s undergoing something of a revival, with the opulence of the wines of its top chateaux now being encountered , in an echo form by other chateaux in the appellation through crop yield reduction, better more rigorous selection of fruit going into the cellar and careful use of oak. This is a concentrated, well balanced ambitious wine with fine grained tannins, lively dark fruited notes, touches of earth and a long evolving, quite finish