This weeks movie news.

Michael Douglas is to produce and star in an English language remake of the German comedy-drama Head Full Of Honey, about a man with Alzheimer’s disease who undertakes a road trip with his granddaughter before booking in to a retirement home. The film will be directed by Til Schweiger who did the enormously popular German version in 2014. Douglas has announced that they will do Head Full Of Honey early next year, after they have completed the sequel Ant Man And The Wasp. We saw Douglas in the Michael Apted spy thriller Unlocked at the beginning of May.
The prolific British character actor Tom Wilkinson has completed a co-starring role in Burden, the true story of an orphan brought up in a Ku Klux Klan community in South Carolina who falls in love and decides to move on. When the Klan seeks vengeance, Mike Burden (Garret Hedlund), his girlfriend and child are taken in by a benevolent black clergyman (Forest Whitaker) and a confrontation develops. Andrea Riseborough and Tess Harper have supporting roles in Burden, which has been under discussion for best part of ten years. Wilkinson has completed The Catcher Was A Spy, Dead In A Week Or Your Money Back and The Titan.

Having scored all but two of Steven Spielberg’s movies, composer John Williams will sit out his next project, Ready Player One. Williams can’t do the picture for the very simple reason that he is working on another Spielberg film, The Papers, which is going through post production at the same time. The Papers will mark their 28th collaboration the only Spielberg directed movies they haven’t worked on up to now were The Color Purple and Bridge Of Spies. Ready Player One is being score by Alain Silvestre who did Forrest Gump and the Back To The Future films. 

Next up from Ang Lee is the sci-fi action feature Gemini Man in which Will Smith plays dual roles. Game Of Thrones show-runner David Beniof has written the script about a National Security Agency veteran who is trying to retire and finds himself a marked man the killer on his trail, a younger cloned version of himself.
Having been stuck in development for two decades - mostly because they didn’t have the technology capable of rendering the same actor at different ages - Gemini Man was acquired by the Hollywood production company Skydance Media and is now moving ahead…..Skydance has set a release date of October, 2019 for it.

Well, maybe actors do some of their own stunts after all: Jeremy Renner broke both his arms in a stunt-gone-wrong on the comedy Tag. The action star fractured his right elbow and his left wrist on the movie about a group of former school mates who organise an elaborate game of “tag” across the country. The Renner incident didn’t, apparently, disrupt the shoot which continued after his arms were set.  Annabelle Wallis, from The Mummy and Peaky Blinders, co-stars in Tag with Isla Fisher and Leslie Bibb.

Star Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie announced last weekend that they had completed the extensive New Zealand phase of the sixth Mission: Impossible adventure. Prior to New Zealand the production had filmed a car chase involving Cruise’s character, Ethan Hunt, in Paris and now they have moved on to London. Mission 6 is full of new and returning faces. Henry Cavill, Angela Bassett and Vanessa Kirby will play major parts alongside Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Michelle Monaghan and Ving Rhames.
Rhames, who plays tech expert Luther Stickell, will have a more substantial role in Mission 6 after fairly brief appearances in the last two films.