Morning top 5: DUP hits out at Theresa May; Irish growth; and Google changes

The top stories this Friday morning

Morning top 5: DUP hits out at Theresa May; Irish growth; and Google changes

The UK Prime Minster Theresa May makes her Brexit statement in Downing Street, 21-09-2018. Image: Jack Taylor/PA Wire/PA Images

The British Prime Minister Theresa May is being accused of breaking her promise to ensure Northern Ireland is not divided from the rest of the UK after Brexit.

The Times of London says its seen a letter from Mrs May to the DUP, suggesting there could be a border in the Irish Sea if there is no deal with the EU.

It would involve the North staying in the customs union and single market if negotiations collapse.


Ireland's economy will see the second largest growth in the European Union next year.

That's according to the European Commission, who has forecast growth of 4.5%.

Malta is set to grow the most, at 4.9%, while the UK will see the least growth at just 1.2%.


Google has promised to improve the way it handles sexual harassment cases within the company.

The move has been welcomed by campaigners, who staged a walkout in Dublin and other Google offices worldwide last week.

In an e-mail to staff, Google said it was meeting one of their key demands by ending 'forced arbitration' in cases where a staff member makes a sexual harassment claim.


Hundreds of people have gathered for a vigil to remember victims of a mass shooting in California, as US officials in continue efforts to establish the gunman's motive.

Investigators are searching the home of a former marine, who is believed to have killed himself following the attack at a bar in Thousand Oaks.

Twelve people died, including a police officer.


The net worth of Irish households has hit an all-time high of €757bn.

The Central Bank says household net worth per capita is almost €156,000.

Rising property prices and the growing value of investments is driving the figures.