Morning top 5: Trump to visit Las Vegas; Catalonian independence; and Antrim fire

The top stories this Wednesday morning

US President Donald Trump is due to visit Las Vegas today following America's worst ever mass shooting.

It is understood Stephen Paddock, the man who killed 59 people in Sundays massacre, used 12 firearms that had been converted into automatic weapons.

He also set up cameras so that he could spot anyone coming for him.

Police have also revealed he transferred tens of thousands of euro overseas in the days before the shooting.


Spain's biggest political crisis in decades appears to be worsening.

The head of the Catalonian government says the region will declare independence by early next week.

Last night, Spain's King Felipe addressed the nation on TV.

He called Catalonia's independence referendum "illegal" and "undemocratic".


An investigation is underway into the cause of a fatal fire in Co Antrim yesterday.

A pregnant woman in her 20s died in the blaze which broke out at a house in Ballycastle just after 5.30pm.

It is understood the woman suffered an asthma attack as a result of the fire.


A sexual abuse charity says its worried sex offenders are continuing to pose a risk to children, despite concerns being raised about them.

One in Four notified Tusla of 91 child abuse allegations last year and 12 victims agreed to make full statements.

It claims eight of the allegations were not pursued, and only one alleged offender is being monitored.


Thousands of students will take part in a major demonstration in Dublin today.

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) is organising the event to call for publicly funded higher level education.

The body, which represents nearly 400,000 students across the country, wants greater investment in the area.