Morning top 5: Voters go to the polls in Catalonia; 12 injured after car hits pedestrians in Melbourne

Catch up with the top stories this Thursday morning...

Voters in Catalonia get another chance to show their support for independence today.

It's the first election since October's unsanctioned referendum, which sparked a violent crackdown by Spain's central government.

Polls show an even split of support for pro-independence and pro-union parties.


The Defence Forces have agreed to a new deal on pay and conditions aimed at returning their wages to pre-crash levels.

The 'Public Service Stability Agreement' is the successor to the Lansdowne Road agreement.

It was accepted after a ballot of soldiers, sailors and aircrew - but they are keen to point out it's not a ringing endorsement.

They are still unhappy that they are not allowed join with the trade union ICTU for discussions, and say they are not being treated as well as other public servants who have managed to negotiate their own side deals.


Police in Melbourne say a car has hit a number of pedestrians in the city.

It happened on Flinders Street in the city centre, and the local ambulance service said at least 12 people had been injured.

The driver of the car has been arrested.


British Prime Minister Theresa May has been forced to sack her closest political ally and lifelong friend from the cabinet.

It centred on claims that pornography was found on Damian Green's Commons computer.

The former First Secretary of State has apologised for making inaccurate and misleading statements during the investigation.


People all over the world can watch Newgrange illuminate today on the shortest day of the year.

Every year a handful of lottery winners witness the spectacle at the site - but this year it will also be livestreamed from County Meath.

The event is weather dependent, however, as skies must be clear.