Morning top 5: US files appeal to travel ban; Citizens' Assembly continues

The top stories this Sunday morning

The US Justice Department has filed an appeal to restore Donald Trump's travel ban.

A judge put a suspension on his executive order - that restricted travel to America from seven mainly Muslim countries.

The president's described it as a "terrible decision".


The Citizens' Assembly will meet again today to discuss the issue of abortion and the 8th amendment.

Two opposing viewpoints on people's right to choose, to have an abortion or not, will be heard by the group later this morning.

The assembly will meet again today to discuss the issue of abortion and the eighth amendment.

Academic experts, with opposing views on on the ethical issues surrounding people's right to choose to have an abortion or not, will be presented to the assembly later this morning.


Today marks one year since the Regency Hotel shooting in Dublin.

33-year-old David Byrne was killed in the attack which escalated gangland crime in the capital.

The shooting happened on a Friday afternoon during a boxing weigh in.


The Romanian government will today scrap a controversial decree that would have decriminalised some corruption offences.

The Prime Minister made the announcement on the fifth consecutive day of mass protests, the biggest since 1989.

The decree, which was passed last Tuesday, would have decriminalised abuse of power offences which involved sums of less than €44,000.


Relatives of the Egyptian man accused of trying to attack soldiers with a machete in Paris, insist he's not a terrorist.

Abdullah Reda al-Hamamy was shot several times as he charged at guards crying 'God is Great' in Arabic outside the Louvre museum on Friday.

The famous attraction has now re-opened to the public.