Morning top 5: UN Security Council meeting in private over Syria; Central Bank predicts wage rises; Police investigating Kevin spacey sexual assault allegation

The top stories this morning on Newstalk

The UN Security Council is due to meet behind closed doors today to discuss the threat of military action against Syria.

It comes after a chemical weapons attack on the rebel-held city of Douma at the weekend, which killed dozens of people.

US President Donald Trump says missiles "will be coming," despite the Syrian regime denying it was involved.

French President Emanuel Macron has called for a “strong, united and resolute” response, while British Prime Minister Theresa May has gathered her top ministers to consider potential military action.


The Minister for Housing has published three new reports into the cost of delivering homes.

Eoghan Murphy's department has examined the viability of affordable homes, design standards for urban properties and compared costs with our European neighbours.

With a focus on apartment living, one of the key recommendations is a change to building height restrictions.

Researchers say apartment developments in urban areas should be at least 6 storeys tall - but rising as high as 10 stories in strategic sites.


The Central Bank is expecting wages to rise faster than previously thought as the country gets close to full employment.

The bank expects an extra 100,000 people to be in work by the end of next year, with unemployment levels dropping to just 5%.

It also expects spending by consumers to break €100bn this year – higher than the previous peak in 2008.

The bank is warning that nothing can be taken for granted however, with Brexit singled out as a cause for concern.


Salisbury attack victim Yulia Skripal has turned down an offer of help from the Russian Embassy.

The 33-year-old was poisoned alongside her dad Sergei Skripal with a nerve agent in the south England town in early March.

In a statement released after she was discharged from hospital, Ms Skripal said nobody speaks for her or her father Sergei other than themselves.

She said her recovery was going well, although she was still trying to "come to terms with my current situation."


Prosecutors in Los Angeles are considering a sexual assault case against Kevin Spacey.

The city's District Attorney's Office spokesman says a case was brought to them last week and is under review.

The LA County Sheriff's Department said the alleged incident involved an adult male.

The allegations are believed to stem from an incident in 1992 and it is unclear if California’s statute of limitations for sex crimes - which is normally 10 years – would apply.