Morning top 5: UK to begin DUP negotiations; more details of London attack; and Trump wants to talk

The top stories this Saturday morning

British Prime Minister Theresa May will begin talks with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) over the next few days to keep her in power.

Mrs May needs the support of the party in Northern Ireland to have a majority in parliament after the Conservatives lost 13 seats in Thursday's election.

She had expected to increase her majority, after promising people "strong and stable" leadership.

Mrs May has just nine days to make a deal before Brexit discussions with the EU begin.


British police investigating the London Bridge atrocity have revealed the terrorists were planning an even more deadly attack last Saturday.

They tried to hire a 7.5 tonne lorry, but they had to rent a smaller van when the gang leader's payment failed to go through.

Instead, he hired a smaller van and loaded it with bags of gravel, probably to make it heavier so it could be a more effective battering ram.

Two men have been arrested in connection with the terror attack.


US President Donald Trump says he would be happy to give details of his talks with James Comey under oath.

He sacked the former FBI director, but denies it was because Mr Comey was leading an investigation into alleged links between Russia and his election campaign.

Mr Trump has accused Mr Comey of lying under oath to Congress, and dismissed his testimony as politically motivated.


Wives and partners of members of the defence forces will hold a protest outside the Department of Defence in Kildare today.

The march is to highlight what they describe as unacceptable pay and conditions for troops.

During the demonstration, the group will lay a wreath at the Town Hall in Newbridge in memory of all deceased and missing personnel.