Morning top 5: Trump's travel ban halted; Kenny meets Trump; and Brexit bill

The top stories this Thursday morning

Donald Trump has attacked a judge's decision to block his revised travel ban by saying the ruling makes the US "look weak".

A court in Hawaii has ruled the executive order would have discriminated against visitors from six Muslim-majority countries, by restricting their entry into the US.

It is the second time his travel ban has been overturned.


Enda Kenny says he has nothing to apologise for, as he prepares to meet with the US president today.

The two men will sit down for nearly an hour in the Oval Office, in Mr Trump's first meeting with a pro-EU leader.

But planning has been overshadowed by a gaffe - which saw journalists given a speech in which Mr Kenny planned to indicate his resignation.


Bad weather could hamper the continuing search for three missing crew members from Coast Guard Rescue helicopter 116.

A black box signal has been detected by the search team, which is helping to pinpoint the location of the suspected crash site off the Mayo coast.

The LE Eithne maintained a position near Blacksod overnight and the search is due to resume at first light.


British Prime Minister Theresa May will formally be given the power to start the process of taking the UK out of the EU later.

Queen Elizabeth II will sign the Article 50 Bill into law after it was approved on Monday.

Mrs May has promised to trigger it by the end of the month.


The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is on course for a resounding victory in the country's elections, defeating a rival far-right party.

Following the highest turnout in decades, it is predicted Mr Rutte will take more than 30 seats in the parliament.

That compares to about 20 for the anti-Islam and anti-EU politician Geert Wilders.