Morning top 5: Trump warns North Korea to 'not try us'; 30th anniversary of Enniskillen bombing being marked today

The top stories this Wednesday morning...

The US President has told North Korea that America will not be intimidated.

On the first anniversary of his election, Donald Trump has used a speech to the South Korean parliament to condemn Kim Jong-un's regime, and its pursuit of a nuclear weapon that could hit the United States.

He is calling for countries around the world to come together to isolate Pyongyang.


The first hearing into a teacher’s fitness to practice in an Irish school is due to take place in Maynooth, Co Kildare this morning.

Details of the complaint made against the teacher have not been made public yet and it’s understood he or she will not be identified.

Since the ‘Fitness to Practice’ legislation took effect last July, the Teaching Council has received around 50 complaints, but only half of those have been investigated further, and this case is the first to go to a full hearing.


Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Enniskillen bombing in the North.

12 people were killed by the IRA in the Remembrance Day massacre in 1987, and dozens more injured.

Victims' families will attend a memorial unveiling at the site of the blast this morning.


The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill returns to the Seand today.

The legislation would ban 'below cost' sales of alcohol and restrict advertising that's linked to sporting or cultural events.

It would also mean shops and supermarkets cannot display alcoholic drinks alongside other products.

The alcohol industry has lobbied hard against the measures, while groups such as Alcohol Action Ireland have backed the bill.


There has been a backlash from Twitter users after the site expanded its character limit to 280 for all users.

The social media giant says it will allow people to 'express themselves' more easily.

But many tweeted to say they didn't want longer tweets, and wanted an edit button instead.