Morning top 5: Trump announces further US commitment for Afghanistan; rents continue to soar

The top stories this Tuesday morning...

Donald Trump has promised his country is "not nation building again" as he renews its commitment to Afghanistan.

President Trump did not specify how many more troops would be added and gave no timeline for ending the US presence in Afghanistan.

However, it has been reported that Defense Secretary James Mattis' plan is to send about 4,000 more troops to add to the 8,400 currently deployed.


Spanish police say all 12 members of a suspected terror cell - wanted over last week's deadly attacks - are either now dead or have been arrested.

Yesterday, officers fatally shot the man who is thought to have driven into crowds in Barcelona.

Younes Abouyaaquob was wearing a fake suicide belt when he was shot by officers in Subirats, a municipality around 32 kilometres west of the city.


Rents in Dublin are now almost 20% higher than their peak in the Celtic Tiger.

The latest report from property website shows rents across the country are up by almost 12% to the end of June.

The average national rent now stands at €1,159 - while its €1,741 in the capital and €919 in Limerick.


At least one person has died and around 25 have been injured in Italy, after an earthquake struck off the coast of Naples.

It hit the resort island of Ischia last night.

Several people have been trapped - including three children - under buildings which collapsed.


Millions of people looked on as the Moon blocked out the Sun in the first total solar eclipse in a century to cross the US.

Spectators wore protective glasses as the Moon created near-darkness and caused a significant drop in temperatures as the eclipse reached "totality" for several minutes.

Crowds cheered and clapped in Depoe Bay, Oregon, where the "totality" - the moment the Sun is completely blocked - began.

The phenomenon arced across the country, taking three hours to reach people in South Carolina on the east coast.