Morning top 5: Polls open in France; R116 search resumes

The top stories on this morning

Polls have opened in what is being described as France's closest presidential election in generations.

A huge security operation's in place after a Paris policeman was shot dead on Thursday night.

There are 11 candidates to choose from today. If none of them wins an absolute majority, the top two will face a run-off in a fortnight.


A major search operation to locate two missing Rescue-116 crew members will resume this morning.

Almost 200 divers are taking part in an extensive search around Blackrock Island off the Mayo Coast, where the helicopter crashed almost six weeks ago.

The bodies of Dara Fitzpatrick and Mark Duffy have been recovered but they're still trying to locate missing crewmen Paul Ormsby and Ciaran Smith.


The Citizens' Assembly meets again this morning for its final session on the 8th amendment.

Yesterday, members decided that our abortion laws should be changed, that the 8th amendment should be replaced rather than repealed and that only the Oireachtas should have the power to legislate for abortion.

Today they'll discuss and vote on what recommendations they should give the Oireachtas on abortion restrictions.

Ailbhe Smyth, Chair of the Coalition to Repeal the 8th, said the members have given a "clear message" to the government.


A Labour government will seek to create four new UK-wide bank holidays on the patron saint's day of each of the home nations, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

Speaking on St George's Day, Jeremy Corbyn said the move would bring together England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, while giving workers a well-deserved break.


A man has died following a parachute jump off the Cliffs of Moher yesterday morning.

The incident happened at around 7am at the Aill Na Searrach part of the cliffs range in Co Clare.

Three men had gone to the area to undertake a so-called 'base jump'.

Base jumping is when people jump from a fixed structure or cliff wearing a parachute or wingsuit.