Morning top 5: Pat Hickey to be allowed leave Brazil; Hillary Clinton describes her election loss disappointment

The top stories this Thursday morning...

Pat Hickey is going to have to pay more than €400,000 to leave Rio.

Mr Hickey - who stepped aside as President of the Olympic Council of Ireland amid the Olympics ticketing controversy - is to get his passport back, but not until he pays a sizable bail bond.

A judge ruled that he should be allowed to leave Brazil for medical care.


Irish women are paid an average of 20% less than men.

A new study by Morgan McKinley found that men in professional jobs earn €12,500 more than women, when bonus and salary are taken into account.

It also revealed that the gap was actually wider for women who had high levels of education or a lot of experience.


The Public Accounts Committee is to meet former members of the NAMA board and officials from investment firm Cerberus today.

The Committee is continuing to examine the sale of NAMA's Northern loanbook to the company, which the Comptroller and Auditor General says lost the taxpayer around €200m.

The PAC says it is interested in discussing the role and knowledge that NAMA board members had of the sale.


Hillary Clinton has spoken for the first time the disappointment she felt after losing to Donald Trump in the US election.

She says she wanted to curl up and never leave the house again.

However, the Democratic presidential candidate - speaking at a children's charity event in Washington DC - also said her supporters should never give up.


Leonard Cohen's manager has revealed he died in his sleep following a fall in the middle of the night at his home in Los Angeles.

Robert B Kory says Cohen's death happened three days before it was announced - and was "sudden, unexpected and peaceful."

The singer and songwriter behind Hallelujah and Suzanne was 82.