Morning top 5: North Korea talks; inspectors in Douma; and woman dies in plane accident

The top stories this Wednesday morning

US President Donald Trump has confirmed high level talks are taking place between the US and North Korea.

Speaking during a visit to Japan, Mr Trump says he is trying to set up a summit with its leader Kim Jong Un.

He claims that five locations are being considered within the secretive state for the meeting.


Chemical weapons inspectors are expected to get access to the site of an alleged chemical attack in Syria today.

It is 11 days since citizens in Douma were reportedly gassed by the government there.

The Assad regime has denied using toxic weapons on its own people and Russia has accused the UK, US and France of launching an unprovoked bombing in response.


Six people are still in custody after gardaí carried out raids as part of an investigation into an international drugs gang.

€250,000 was seized after the swoop across Dublin on Tuesday.

Five men and a woman were detained.


Former US first lady Barbara Bush has died aged 92.

She was the wife of former president George HW Bush and the mother of George W Bush, who spent eight years in the White House.

A statement from her family says she "kept us laughing until the end".


A woman has died in the US after a passenger jet engine exploded at 39,000 feet and smashed one of its windows.

Other people on board the Southwest Airlines plane say the mum-of-two was partially sucked out and had to be dragged back in.

The flight was on its way from New York to Dallas when it made an emergency landing in Philadelphia.