Morning top 5: North Korea 'not the US enemy'; school costs; abortion campaign; and iPhone 7

The top stories this Wednesday morning

The US has told North Korea that it is not its enemy.

Relations with the secretive state have further deteriorated after it carried out a series of weapons tests.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says America is not a threat to the reclusive state, but that it is a danger to the US.


The Jason Corbett murder trial has heard evidence that Thomas Martens expressed hatred for his son-in-law.

The 67-year-old is on trial in North Carolina for the killing of the Limerick man.

Both he and Mr Corbett's wife Molly Martens deny murdering the 39-year-old, exactly two years ago.


It costs around €800 to send a first year student to secondary school.

That is according to the annual school costs survey by Barnardos.

The results also show it costs just under €400 to send a child to fourth class in primary school.


It has been ruled that a billboard campaign saying Northern Ireland's abortion laws have saved 100,000 lives was not misleading.

UK watchdog the Advertising Standards Agency has dismissed a complaint about the ads, after an independent expert found there was a "reasonable" chance it was accurate.

The Pro-Life campaign group 'Both Lives Matter' says they put together a robust report.


Apple has hinted it is pressing ahead with the release of the iPhone 8 after the company's revenue showed an unexpected jump.

The 7% rise for the last quarter brought in €38.5bn, and sent Apple shares to new highs.

The next generation of the iPhone is expected to be released in September, to mark 10 years since the first one was sold.