Morning top 5: No Luas running, government talks ongoing and Trump's nomination

The top stories this Wednesday morning

A tenth day of strike action by Luas workers is taking place today.

Some 90,000 passengers are this morning affected by this industrial unrest that is showing no signs of abating.

Even docking the pay of the striking workers has not deterred them, with four more days of scheduled strike action this month.

Both sides, the union and the company have reached deadlock with no immediate prospect of further meetings.


Fine Gael is to continue efforts today to strike a deal with Independents to enter a minority government.

It follows the publication last night of the framework arrangement with Fianna Fáil which, will see the minority supported until at least the end of 2018 barring unforseen circumstances.

Under the arrangement water charges would be legally suspended within six weeks of a new government coming into office, despite the fact that a fresh billing cycle is underway.


Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race to become the Republican US presidential nominee.

Forecasts suggest his rival Donald Trump has won the primary election in Indiana - an important victory in securing the party's nomination for the White House.

The chairman of the US Republican National Committee has declared Donald Trump the party's "presumptive nominee".


Workers at Intel are waiting to find out the extent of job losses at the company.

With Intel shedding 12,000 staff worldwide, job losses are expected at their European headquarters in Kildare.

Workers yesterday were still waiting for management to inform them of the extent of the layoffs.


Over 300 nurses and midwives gather for their annual conference in Killarney today to discuss the ongoing difficulties in the health service.

Low pay and overcrowding takes centre stage as well as the aftermath of the political discussions.