Morning top 5: More than 250 dead after Colombia landslide; 18 injured in explosion at French carnival

The top stories this Sunday morning...

More than 250 people have died and hundreds more are injured after what has been described as a "water avalanche" in Colombia.

The floods hits the city of Mocoa in the south of the country.

Torrential rain has sent mud and water from three rivers flowing through the streets, destroying homes and ripping trees from their roots.


President Michael D Higgins has written to the President of Colombia, following the landslides.

President Higgins, who recently returned from an official visit there, expressed his sympathy to the victims, their families and all those affected by the tragedy.


The average price of a house in Ireland is now €230,000.

Prices rose by an average of 4.3% in the first three months of the year, according to the latest report by - the largest increase in two years.

House prices in Galway and Limerick Cities have risen by over 16%, while Dublin has seen a jump of nearly 9%.


Gerry Adams says he might be willing to talk for the first time about his role during the Troubles.

But the Sinn Féin president told Sky News that his contribution must be part of a truth and reconciliation process, which he says the British government is refusing to properly fund.

The latest round of talks aimed at re-establishing power sharing in the North get underway tomorrow.


An accidental explosion at a bonfire display in France has injured 18 people, including three children.

Hundreds of people had gathered for the annual spring carnival in Villepinte on Saturday and were getting ready to watch its climactic event - the lighting of the bonfire.