Morning top 5: Mechanic steals plane; weedkiller payout; and NASA's sun probe

The top stories this Saturday morning

An airline mechanic has stolen a plane and crashed into a small island in the US state of Washington.

The man was the only person on board the aircraft when it took off from Seattle's main airport.

F-15 military fighter jets were scrambled from a nearby air force base and were seen chasing the plane.


A weedkiller manufacturer has been ordered to pay US$289m (€253m) to a US school caretaker who claims the firm's products caused his cancer.

That was the ruling made by a jury in California.

It found Monsanto had not properly warned consumers like Dewayne Johnson of the risks.


An explosion at a defence firm's factory near Salisbury in the UK has killed one person and left another in a critical condition.

A fire broke out at Chemring Countermeasures' plant just after 5.00pm Friday evening.

The company says it's started a "full and immediate" investigation.


Hundreds of anti-Brexit protesters are expected at a rally in Bristol in the UK, calling for a second referendum on the final deal with Brussels.

The People's Vote rally will be addressed by British Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable, as well as Conservative, UK Labour and Green Party members.

A poll of more than 10,000 UK voters suggested the UK would back staying in the EU by 53% to 47% if another referendum was held now.


NASA is launching its first-ever mission to study the Sun up close.

The Parker Solar Probe will move within four million miles of the Sun's surface.

It will blast off from Cape Canaveral in Florida on Saturday morning.