Morning top 5: Man shot dead in Dublin; UK Brexit bill passes crucial hurdle

The top stories this Tuesday morning...

A man in his 30s has been shot dead in a gangland attack in West Dublin.

He was killed on Wheatfield Avenue in Neilstown at around 9.40pm last night.

The shooting is not believed to be connected to the Hutch Kinahan feud.


More than 160,000 people are at risk of getting a disease from their tap water according to a new report.

The EPA is warning that 25 supplies around the country do not have the right treatment to kill bugs like cryptosporidium.

Over 99% of drinking water samples, however, comply with safety standards.


MPs in the UK have voted in favour of a piece of crucial Brexit legislation, meaning it can progress through the parliamentary process.

The Withdrawal Bill is designed to pull EU laws back under UK control.

Opponents - including some Conservatives - are warning it goes too far, and want changes to be made before the next vote.


A major clean up operation is underway across the southern United States as tropical storm Irma continues.

More than 6.5 million homes and businesses are without power, while there is still a warning of possible heavy rainfall in states including Georgia and Alabama.

Officials say it could be weeks until citizens can re-enter the Florida Keys.


Apple launches its long-awaited iPhone 8 later in California.

It's rumoured to have features like wireless charging and facial recognition.

There is also speculation it will have a bigger display.

A number of models could be released, with the top-of-the-range handset expected to be called the iPhone X.