Morning top 5: Irish Brexit challenge; Russia and the US election; and flu spike

The top stories this Saturday morning

A crowdfunding campaign is being launched for a second legal case around the UK leaving the European Union.

Campaigners want the Irish courts to rule on whether Article 50 can be revoked if a deal from Brussels isn't good enough.

Barrister Jolyon Maugham QC wants to raise stg£70,000 in order to lodge the case here.


The CIA has reportedly concluded that Russia intervened in the US election to help Donald Trump win.

The secret service has identified several individuals linked to Russian authorities who provided thousands of hacked Democratic Party e-mails to Wikileaks.

President-elect Trump says he is not convinced Vladimir Putin's regime was behind the cyber attacks.


Health Minister Simon Harris has urged Gerry Adams - and all of his associates - to make available any information regarding the killing of prison officer Brian Stack in 1983.

Minister Harris says no one should forget that at the core of the matter is a grieving family who has lost a loved one and is still looking for answers.

He says he is not satisfied with Mr Adam's explanation in relation to the killing, or statements released at the time by the IRA.


Colombia's president will receive his Nobel Peace Prize at a ceremony in Norway later.

Juan Manuel Santos is being given the award for his attempts to end a 52-year armed conflict with armed rebels in his country.

Meanwhile Bob Dylan will not attend to receive his literature prize. It will be collected on the rocker's behalf by singer Patti Smith.


There has been a spike in flu-like symptoms around the country.

The Irish Pharmacy Union says chemists are reporting a sharp increase in the number of people asking for cold and flu advice over the past two weeks.

The IPU says there are a number of viruses circulating at this time of year and many are very hard to shift.