Morning top 5: Independent Alliance not certain they’ll join FG government; Five people hospitalised for carbon monoxide poisoning in Co Down

The top stories this Saturday morning...

The Independent Alliance says it is not certain they will join a Fine Gael led government.

It's after a draft deal was signed off on by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil negotiators last night.
The agreement will now be sent to TDs for their final approval - with a vote for Taoiseach expected to take place on Wednesday.

The Independent Alliance will meet with Fine Gael on Monday - however the group's spokesperson Shane Ross - says their six votes for Enda Kenny are not a forgone conclusion


Two paramedics are among five people who've been rushed to hospital suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning in Co Down.

They had been called to a house in Newcastle last night when they developed symptoms.

The paramedics, with the help of the fire service, treated themselves and the three others with oxygen before being taken in for tests.


A major rescue operation is underway in the Kenyan capital Nairobi after a building collapse which has killed 3 people.

More than 50 others have been rescued after a multi storey building caved in after heavy rain and flooding.
It's not known how many people are still trapped inside.


Veronica Guerin's son will speak in his first major interview since her murder tomorrow.

The Sunday Independent will carry an exclusive interview with Cathal Turley, the only child of the murdered journalist Veronica Guerin.

It is the first major interview Cathal has given since Veronica's murder two decades ago, when he was just six.


Mobile phone roaming fees in the EU will fall sharply from today - the last step before they're abolished completely next year.

From today - Europeans travelling on the continent will pay no more than an extra – 5% per minute for calls - two cent per text message and five cent per megabyte of data.

Currently, the cap is more than triple that.