Morning top 5: House prices may rise by 8% this year; Hospital criticised over intern overtime pay; Call for free flu vaccine in schools

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Brexit could have an impact on rising house prices in some parts of the country.

A Sunday Times survey released today shows prices are expected to rise by an average of 8% nationwide this year.

Dublin prices could increase between 5% and 10%, while some areas in Limerick could rise by as much as 20%.

Sunday Times journalist Linda Daly said parts of Donegal are likely to feel the worst impacts of the Brexit effect.


There is concern this morning at reports that a leading Dublin hospital is refusing to pay interns for overtime despite the current overcrowding crisis.

It is understood that senior management at Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown have sent a memo to consultants and interns, warning them that Interns will not be paid for work done before 8am or after 5pm.

Dr Paddy Hillery from the Irish Medical Organisation has labelled the move "inexplicable."

He has warned that it is virtually impossible for doctors to 'clock off' at 5pm and leave their patients behind.


US President Donald Trump has accused the author of a new book about his presidency of being a 'fraud.'

Michael Wolff, who wrote 'Fire and Fury,' claims anyone who has worked with President Trump has questioned his mental fitness for office.

In response, the US president described himself a ‘very stable genius.’

At a meeting at Camp David, the speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, said the US Government is focused on other issues.


There is a call to provide the flu vaccine to staff in schools.

Fianna Fáil want it provided free of charge to teachers, SNAs and other workers.

Principals have expressed concern about the flu outbreak - with children returning to classes on Monday after the Christmas break.

Fianna Fáil's Education Spokesperson Thomas Byrne, outlines why the issue should be addressed.


And as people take down their Christmas decorations, we are being urged to recycle our Christmas trees at our local council recycling yard.

Free disposal centres are operating all over the country for the next few days.

The Fire Brigade is urging people not to keep them, as dried out Christmas trees are a serious fire risk.