Morning top 5: Hate crime complaints in the North; Waste Reduction Bill freeze; and 'Repeal' jumpers

The top stories this Wednesday morning

Hate crime complaints have been filed over bonfires built in the North for the annual July 12th celebrations.

Sinn Féin member John Inductance says he has contacted the PSNI, after his election posters were attached to one pile.

The fire service in the North has been kept busy overnight with over 100 call-outs in the last few hours.


The Waste Reduction Bill banning single-use coffee cups has passed the second stage in the Dáil.

But the Environment Minister Denis Naughten has asked his colleagues to freeze the plans put forward by Labour and the Greens.

A vote on whether to do so is due on Thursday.


The US president has defended his son over e-mails released by Donald Trump Junior about a meeting with a Russian lawyer.

The messages claim he was offered damaging, sensitive information about Hillary Clinton last year.

The White House says the president is "frustrated" that alleged links with Russia continue to be an issue.


The Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe will release the first details of next year's budget later today.

He will indicate the general state of play for the economy in the Summer Economic Statement.

It will include an update on the so-called 'fiscal space' - or how much money can be spent on new measures next year.


The well-known 'Repeal' jumpers could be banned from the Dáil chamber, under rules being considered today.

The Dáil's procedural committee is to consider a rule which would ban all clothing with a slogan or a campaigning message.

It follows complaints when six TDs wore the black jumpers with the slogan 'Repeal', calling for the removal of the 8th amendment on abortion.