Morning top 5: HSE glitch; Russia reacts to US sanctions bill; and Irish tourism campaign with BA

The top stories this Thursday morning

A glitch in the HSE computer system may have led to thousands of patients being given unnecessary treatments.

A range of scans, including X-rays and ultrasounds, are affected by the faulty software which could have given the wrong result to 25,000 people.

The Irish Times says the problems which is linked to the 'less than symbol' makes symptoms appear worse than they are.


Russia has threatened more counter-measures against the US after Donald Trump signed off on new economic sanctions against Moscow.

The move is in response to allegations of meddling in the recent US election - and to Russia's actions in Ukraine.

Iran and North Korea are also facing sanctions.

The Russian foreign ministry says the penalties risk harming global stability.


Scientists have made a major breakthrough in the battle against inherited diseases.

Researchers in the US have successfully removed a piece of faulty DNA which causes heart disease, from an embryo for the first time.

The discovery, by a US and Korean team, could help to prevent thousands of disorders that are passed on genetically.


Mental health services need an extra 2,000 staff to function properly.

That is the claim from Fianna Fáil who say the HSE has failed to spend any of an extra €15m earmarked for boosting staff numbers.

New figures show only 93 extra staff have been hired so far this year.


Tourism Ireland has teamed up with British Airways to promote flights to Belfast and Dublin from London.

The campaign will also highlight driving holidays along the Wild Atlantic Way, the Causeway Coastal Route and in Ireland's Ancient East.

It will reach audiences through online ads on Facebook and a special Ireland landing page on the BA website.