Morning top 5: Gangland hit prevented in Dublin; Arlene Foster abortion claims; and Women's Mini Marathon

The top stories this Sunday morning

Gardaí believe they may have prevented another gangland killing.

They seized a loaded revolver in Dublin on Saturday, during an operation that is being linked to the Kinehan/Hutch feud.

They also made a number of arrests after challenging a man in a car and another on a bicycle at Dublin's East Wall.


Arlene Foster claims Sinn Féin supporters have told her they will vote DUP over the party's position on abortion.

The procedure is only allowed in Northern Ireland when there is a risk to a woman's health or life.

The DUP leader says many people feel abandoned, following the recent referendum result in the Republic.


Some 30,000 people are set to take part in the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon in Dublin on Sunday.

It is the largest all-women's event of its kind in the world.

It is the first time since the race started in 1983 that it is taking place on a Sunday.


The funeral is taking place this morning of one of the teenagers who died in a double drowning in Co Clare.

Jack Kennelly will be buried after funeral mass at Ennis Cathedral at 11.30am.

His friend, Shay Moloney, will be buried after funeral mass at the cathedral on Sunday morning at 11.00am.


Irish women smoke more during pregnancy than anywhere else in the world.

The findings of the study were published in The Lancet and show over 38% of women here admitted to having a cigarette a some point.

The three countries with the highest estimated prevalence of smoking while pregnant are Ireland, Uruguay and Bulgaria.