Morning top 5: EU leaders reach migration deal; five dead after 'targeted' attack against US newspaper

The top stories this Friday morning...

EU leaders have reached a deal after spending all night locked in talks about how to address the migration crisis.

They have agreed to share responsibility for refugees, after Italy demanded more help.

The country has been the entry point for thousands of migrants coming from Africa.

The deal reached includes proposals for voluntary centres for "rapid and secure processing" of migrants, and calls on member states to "counter movements" of migrants between member states.


Brexit is on the agenda for EU leaders in Brussels today during the summit's second day.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said Ireland isn't preparing for any land border in the unlikely event of no deal - but added more progress is needed.

British Prime Minister Theresa May told reporters she's sure both the UK and the European Union want to quicken the speed of negotiations.


A US newspaper received threats on social media before five employees were killed during a "targeted" gun attack at their office in Maryland, police have revealed.

The shooting happened at The Capital Gazette in Annapolis at around 2.40pm local time on Thursday.

A man in his late-30s has been arrested in connection with the attack.


Water restriction measures have been in place overnight as supply struggles to meet demand during the heatwave.

Irish Water lowered the pressure in the greater Dublin area, while 100 supply schemes around the country have been identified as being at risk.

Temperatures reached a high of 32 degrees at Shannon Airport yesterday - with more hot weather expected today.


The Government will launch the first policy for LGBTI children later.

It includes measures such as tackling the bullying of gay children in schools.

Conversion therapy will also be outlawed, while better training will be provided for those working with children.