Morning top 5: Dallas shooting; North Korea test-fire missile; and Somme Commemoration

The top stories this Saturday morning...

Police in Dallas say they've found bomb-making material, bullet-proof vests and rifles while searching the home of the Dallas sniper suspect.

Micah Johnson (25) was killed after five police officers were shot dead at a Black Lives Matter rally.

Dallas police chief David Brown described the shootings as a "well-thought-out evil tragedy".


North Korea has test-fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile.

The south's military say it was launched in waters to the east of the Korean peninsula - but appears to have failed in the early stages of flight.

It comes after the US and South Korea agreed to deploy a controversial missile defence system, in the wake of intensifying threats from North Korea.


One of the two Conservative leadership contenders to succeed David Cameron as British Prime Minister has apparently dealt a personal blow to her rival.

In an interview with The Times, Andrea Leadsom claims being a mother makes her better equipped to lead the country than her rival Theresa May - who isn't one.

Mrs Leadsom has tweeted the story is appalling - and her words have been misconstrued. 


The Somme Centenary Commemoration will take place in the Irish National War Memorial Gardens in Dublin today.

3-thousand 500 soldiers from the island of Ireland lost their lives in the famous battle.

The President, Taoiseach, Diplomatic Corps and members of the Judiciary will all attend the ceremony.


There have been calls for an independent inquiry into why the army were called in to shoot five cattle on a farm in Monaghan, earlier in the week.

In the Dáil the Independent TD Michael Healy Rae described those who ordered people "to pull the trigger" - as a disgrace.

Others have questioned why efforts were not made to sedate the cattle so they could be easily captured as part of the bankruptcy proceedings.

Sinn Féin's Martin Kenny believes the Department of Agriculture, Gardaí and Army all have questions to answers.