Morning top 5: Cervical Check measures; North Korea's economy; and 2018 Darkness Into Light

The top stories this Saturday morning

 The Health Minister says he hopes some of the 209 women affected by the Cervical Check scandal have since recovered.

Simon Harris was speaking after a Cabinet meeting on Friday, where a range of measures were announced to help the women affected.

They include free medical cards for all women affected or their next of kin, counselling services and covering the cost of any medicines prescribed by their doctor.


The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has promised to help North Korea revive its economy if Pyongyang agrees to get rid of nuclear weapons.

He says there would need to be "complete" and "robust verification".

He was speaking during a news conference with South Korean's foreign minister in Washington.


Seven suspected brothels have been shut down following Garda raids in Carlow and Kilkenny.

It iss part of an investigation into potential cases of human-trafficking.

Three premises were raided in Kilkenny and four in Carlow with evidence of prostitution discovered at all seven.


People from all over the country have been taking part in the 2018 Darkness Into Light event.

The annual Pieta House suicide awareness walk took place at over a 150 different locations across the country.

Outside of Ireland events were also held in North America, Canada and Australia.


NASA is sending a helicopter to Mars.

It will launch in 2020 and will work alongside the Mars Rover.

NASA has spent the last four years shrinking an already working helicopter to the size of a small ball which weighs in at just four pounds.