Morning top 5: Australia says Yes to marriage equality; Zimbabwe 'coup' and disappointment for Irish fans

The top stories this Wednesday morning

Australians have voted to legalise same-sex marriage by an overwhelming margin in a national survey.

Some 61.6% of voters supported Australia becoming the 26th nation to legalise same-sex marriage.

There were 38.4% opposed to the move.

The Equality Campaign said a greater percentage of people participated in this vote than in Brexit, the British general election, the Irish marriage equality referendum and the the US presidential election.

The vote is not binding - but politicians have promised to get on with legalising it by Christmas.


Zimbabwe's military insists the country's president is 'safe', despite the army taking over parts of the capital.

Gunfire and explosions have been heard in Harare, but forces say they are 'only targeting criminals' around President Robert Mugabe.

In a statement read on state TV, a member of the armed forces told the Zimbabwean people: "Comrade Mugabe and his family are safe and sound and their security is guaranteed."


The charity St Vincent De Paul says it expects that 50,000 families will seek its help this winter.

The group is launching its annual appeal later.

It says many people are still struggling despite the improvement in the economy.

The charity says it has no seen any real change in poverty levels.


The Oireachtas Women's Caucus is to hold its first working meeting today.

The cross-party group will focus on women's issues and increasing female representation.

It includes past and present TDs and Senators, who will gather at Leinster House this afternoon.


It is a tough day for football fans after the country's World Cup hopes came to a resounding end last night.

The Republic of Ireland were thrashed 5-1 by Denmark in the second leg of their play-off at the Aviva.

And hope is fading for rugby supporters.

South Africa is expected to be officially named host of the 2023 World Cup.