'Micháel Martin and Fianna Fáil- stop having cheap shots.'

Government Chief Whip Regina Doherty talks Fianna Fáil and their 'twisted' version of reality.

Fine Gael TD for Meath East and Government Chief Whip Minister Regina Doherty told George Hook today that the people of Ireland know better than to swallow Fianna Fáil’s "twisted version of reality."   

Minister Doherty said that in Budget 2017, the Government took steps to make the lives of people a little better, while also ensuring that we protect the economy to safeguard our future. But the Minister was very disappointed to hear claims yesterday from Michéal Martin that his party had succeeded in blocking what he called Fine Gael’s increasingly right-wing agenda and focus on tax cuts for the wealthiest. Minister Doherty said that this is simply not true and just the latest example of Deputy Martin’s attempt to re-write history and twist reality.

“Fine Gael will not apologise for seeking to reduce taxes to give workers a break and make our economy more competitive. However, as a party, we also prioritise targeted investment in key public services. Budget 2017 is a firm example of that," she said.

In response to Michéal Martin's claims, Minister Doherty told High Noon that "there's an on-going thread here or team around Fianna Fáil, that because they haven’t got anything to offer, in any real way through substantive policies, [their defense is] we’ll attack the man as opposed to playing the ball."

Minister Doherty says there is the continuous issue of Fianna Fáil calling this government anaemic, unstable and limp:

"Yesterday just took the biscuit because he [Micháel Martin] saw fit to tear strips off every single politician in the United Kingdom, he saw fit to tear strips off the Government and its politicians and in particular had another pop, cheap shot on Leo [Varadkar] and Leo’s performance in the Department of Health. When Leo was only there for 18 months and Martin was there for three years and had no impact in the Department of Health apart from spending money."

But Minister Doherty is mostly concerned about the centre of Irish politics holding:

"If Micháel Martin and Fianna Fáil stopped having cheap shots and digs at individual personnel from Theresa May, from Boris Johnson, David Davis, right down to Leo Varadkar or Regina Doherty and start actually putting on the table some policies that we could actually compare with the actual actions of this very red-blooded Government."  

Listen to the full interview below.