Michael O'Leary: 'Ireland should politely tell the EU to f*** off'

The Ryanair boss has some frank advice for the Government...

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Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary in London urging Britons to vote Remain in the EU referendum | Image: Ryanair

Outspoken business chief Michael O'Leary has suggested that the Irish Government should be definitive in its rejection of the European Commission's ruling regarding Apple's tax payments in Ireland.

"Frankly, the Irish Government should turn around - they shouldn't even appeal the decision - they should just write a letter to Europe and tell them politely to f**k off," he said.

It's unlikely that Ireland's politicians will follow this advice - but Mr O'Leary says that this ruling threatens the Union's core values: 

"One of the fundamental principles of the European Union is that each country has its autonomy to make its own tax decisions," he continued.

He believes that Apple's appeal against the ruling will be successful: "I think there's no chance of this surviving a court ruling in Europe. There are certain things that Europe has no competence in."

The businessman questioned the Commission's track record when it comes to this kind of investigation:

"The idea that you have the state aid mob - who've had more court verdicts overturned than any other department in Europe in the last 20 years - come along 10 years after the fact and say, 'no we didn't like that, we think you should have done something else', is frankly bizarre."

The Ryanair boss was a prominent supporter of the 'stay' side ahead of the UK's in/out vote on EU membership.