Michael McDowell: If I were the Minister for Justice, I'd be calling on Noirin O'Sullivan to go

The independent Senator spoke to George today on High Noon, as pressure continues to mount on the Garda Commissioner

"I would call on her to go."

That was the straight answer from Senator Michael McDowell as George raised the issues that are continuing to engulf An Garda Siochana and the sitting Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan.

"The people of Ireland are entitled to have a police force that they can have confidence in from top to bottom. I find the present process one that fills me with disgust."

He couldn't understand how you can be aware of 14,000 miscarriages of justice 2 years ago, only to start an audit process that would last 2 years, and not alert the Minister for Justice of that situation.  The former Minister for Justice told George that "management are more concerned with a facade than the Irish public's confidence".

He went on to say, "everybody seems to be trying this new way of politics of when there's a problem, having a Commission of Inquiry, and nobody takes responsibility."

Expanding on his assertion that the Garda Commissioner should step down, McDowell said "I do not believe you can tell the Irish people that there's going to be root and branch reform and have the person who is presiding over the current mess leading that reform."

Listen to the full exchange on the issue of the Gardai by clicking below.