Meitu may make you look cute, but there's a deadly catch...

There's some serious security concerns with the app

You may have noticed a whole host of new selfies appear on social media, with a cartoon like filter that's different to what SnapChat does. These are from Meitu.

The app transforms images into an anime character. 

The app was initially launched back in 2013 and did incredibly well in China. It was given a bit of a make over in recent months and has surged in popularity over the past 48 hours. While it may seem like just another photo filter app, there's a slightly sinister side to it.

The app requires access to a whole host of your data and many people have flagged privacy concerns. Meitu wants to access your camera, photo library, phone location, Wifi information, time zone, local IP address, SIM card number and the IMEI. This information is reportedly being filed back to China.  

"Meitu is a throw-together of multiple analytics and marketing/ad tracking packages, with something cute to get people to use it," said forensic scientist and security expert Jonathan Zdziarski on Twitter.

"Meitu’s sole purpose for collecting the data is to optimise app performance, its effects and features and to better understand our consumer engagement with in-app advertisements," a statement from the company says. "Meitu DOES NOT sell user data in any form."