Medimee: The sticker that could save your life

The Irish company was exhibiting at Dublin Tech Summit

Technology has been an important part of the world of medicine for some time now. New innovations are changing how patients are diagnosed and treated. Many companies are looking to develop products that help in terms of prevention but also aiding first responders. Medimee is one such company. 

The Dublin based firm has a bold and brave mission statement, "Our goal is to help save lives and enhance health & safety in the workplace."

Speaking to at the Dublin Tech Summit, company founder Bernard Nolan explained what the company is and what they do.

"Medimee is an online emergency medical platform that contains all of your medical information, you emergency contacts and your health or travel insurance information all in one place that can be accessed quickly."

"Earlier this week we announced that Deliveroo would be one of our launch customers," explained Nolan. "We're working with them at the moment to enhance their rider health and safety. They will take one of our smart stickers, place them on the the side of their helmets. In the event of an emergency a member of the public or the emergency services can take their smartphone, tap it against the patch and access that person's medical profile in a matter of seconds. That could detail if you have an allergy or a medical condition such as diabetes."

The firm went along to the Dublin Tech Summit to showcase their product as they approach their official launch later this year. You'll find more information about this product here