"Media rigging election!" - Donald Trump lashes out at latest 'SNL' sketch

Alec Baldwin returned to the long-running sketch show for another skit poking fun at the Republican candidate

"Media rigging election!" - Donald Trump lashes out at latest 'SNL' sketch

Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin [YouTube]

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is not laughing at how Alec Baldwin is portraying him on the long-running satirical sketch-comedy show Saturday Night Live.

Reacting to the most recent parody of last week’s presidential debate, the GOP politician blasted the show for being another example of a media hatchet job on his campaign, claiming it amounted to a “hit job.”

Trump, who hosted an episode of SNL as recently as November 2015, is the latest is a long line of American politicians to be skewered by the show. From the Nixon era on, presidents and candidates have been teased mercilessly on the show, from Nixon’s portrayal as a power-hungry fanatic through to George W Bush as a likable idiot. All of these public figures took the joke on the chin, never publicly confronting the show’s writers, producers or performers in the way that Trump just did.

The sketch, embedded below, also mocked Hillary Clinton for coming across as rehearsed and insincere, but Trump was certainly the butt of more pointed jokes throughout, at one point doggedly prowling the stage behind Clinton to the score of the film Jaws.

Take a look at the sketch in full below:

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