Massachusetts Governor goes to the poll but doesn't vote for either presidential candidate

He was "obviously disappointed"

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said he didn't cast a vote in the presidential election despite going to the poll.

Speaking to reporters afterwards he said: "I'm obviously disappointed about that. I said many months ago that I wasn't going to be able to support Donald Trump for a number of reasons, and I thought Hillary Clinton had believability problems, and nothing has happened in the last nine months to change my mind on that." 

However he encouraged people to make their way to the ballot boxes as there are other races taking place. 

"The most important thing is the people need to come out and exercise their right and make sure they vote all the way up and down the ballot, because those state rep and state senate races matter a lot here in the Commonwealth," he added.

The Boston Globe is reporting the Governor voted on the other local issues such as the legalisation of marijuana and lifting the cap on charter schools.

Charlie Baker was elected in November 2014 as the 72nd Governor of Massachusetts.