Mary Lou McDonald: Sinn Féin won't be "mudguard" for FF or FG coalition

She said she is also hopeful a deal can be reached at Stormont

Mary Lou McDonald: Sinn Féin won't be "mudguard" for FF or FG coalition

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Mary Lou McDonald has said that Sinn Féin won't be a "mudguard" for a Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael coalition in the event of an election. 

Speaking on Yates on Sunday, Mary Lou said her party's current position is that they won't enter into coalition with either party. 

However she did say that "After the next election just as with the last one we will talk to everybody. We will talk to people who are democratically elected.

"Then it is a matter of ascertaining whether or not there is a basis for any kind of an agreement."

Power-sharing executive 

When asked if she thought a power-sharing deal at Stormont would be done by the end of the month she said: " I very much hope so, I think it's absolutely doable, but it's only doable if people actually want a deal."

She also said: "We're at a point where it's actually decision time, so it's not a case of signing on for things and letting them gather dust on the shelf, implementation is the issue."

She was also questioned about Sinn Féin's agenda for pushing for a border poll and a United Ireland as opposed to making power-sharing work.

She responded by saying "Those critics might say that but the provision for the border poll is contained in the Good Friday Agreement," adding that "those that criticise us for that signed up for it."

Coveney's role

Ms McDonald was also asked about Simon Coveney's new role as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade with responsibility for Brexit.

Speaking about the role he plays in restoring a power-sharing executive she said: "I take from Simon Coveney a real appetite to get things done, and I think that's extremely positive."

She finished by saying "I can certainly say he is engaged, perhaps more engaged that his predecessor, but this is all still a work in progress.