David Quinn on the 8th amendment: "I think we will be having a referendum"

Newstalk/Red C Poll found that 48% of people believe the 8th Amendment should be removed

Sinn Fein's Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald says she's not surprised by the findings of a Newstalk/Red C Poll showing that 48% of people believe the 8th Amendment should be removed from the constitution.

78% are in favour of abortion in cases of rape or incest; 76% where there is a Fatal Foetal Abnormality.

Support then starts falling where there are non-fatal foetal abnormalities - 61% - and 59% where the woman is suicidal.

41% agreed it should be an option for any circumstances felt necessary by the mother.

Deputy McDonald says abolition of the 8th Amendment is long overdue:

David Quinn, director with the Iona Institute and columnist with the Irish Independent spoke with Newstalk Lunchtime about the findings today.

He stated: "I see fewer than half, 48%, are actually in favour of repealing the 8th amendment. That's kind of curious because if you want abortion under certain circumstances, circumstances under which the mother's life is not at risk, then wouldn't you be in favour of repealing the 8th amendment?

"Some people simply might misunderstand what it allows and doesn't allow and others might be thinking, well you know what, despite my support for abortion under certain circumstances, I'd be worried if we got rid of the 8th amendment, we'd quickly allow for abortion under all kinds of circumstances and I don't want that so I'm going to opt for the lesser of two evils which is to keep it.

"Every single human being, born, unborn, disabled or not has an absolutely equal right to life."

He questioned, if a referendum does go ahead what the question would be: "Will it be an amended pro-life section of the constitution or will they decide to recommend repealing it completely and replace it simply with legislation?

"I think we will be having a referendum."

You can listen to his interview here: