Markets and sterling hit with second wave Brexit shock

Irish investors have been caught-up in the referendum result's fallout...

Markets and sterling hit with second wave Brexit shock

Yorgos Karahalis / AP

Sterling fell to new 30 year lows of about $1.28 against the dollar on Asian markets overnight as renewed concerns about the impact of the Brexit vote shook currency and stock markets.

The British currency is down by a whole penny against the euro - €1 currently buys 0.86p.

Sterling may well weaken further over the coming weeks and months as the Bank of England responds to the situation - including a possible cut in UK interest rates from their current 0.5% levels.

Meanwhile, thousands of Irish investors are likely to be affected by the decision of three London commercial property investment funds to suspend trading and not permit investors to cash-out due to concerns over falling property values in the wake of Brexit.

It could take months for the three mutual funds, managed by Standard Life, Aviva Investors and M&G – a division of Prudential Insurance – to open for trading  again, and the possibility is that the value of shares could be significantly lower if this kind of pressure indicates the direction in which UK commercial property values are heading.

Some 4,500 investors from Ireland cannot cash out funds in the Aviva Life and Pensions Fund.

"Aviva Investors has today temporarily suspended dealing in its UK Property Trust. This means it cannot accept instructions to buy, sell, transfer or switch units in the Trust until further notice," a spokesperson told The Irish Independent.

"As a result of this decision, Aviva Life and Pensions Ireland has deferred for a period of six months and with immediate effect, encashments and switches out of its UK Property Funds, which currently invest in the UK Property Trust," the statement continued.

Amid the ongoing market turmoil, investors have been flocking to buy safe-haven assets and stable sovereign debt.