Silent sidelines,Mandarin and cycle lanes

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Today on High Noon, George Hook asked if no budget might be the best budget.  

Chair of the Dublin City Council Transport Committee Cíaran Cuffe, explained the newly proposed cycle lanes in Dublin and why we need to continue making the streets safe for cyclists.

UK firms will be named and shamed on how many Brits they hire over foreigners, Patricia Callan, director of the Small Firms Association explained why this would not be workable over here in Ireland.

As always George took his weekly trip to Dubray books, this week to discuss Crime novels.

Adrian Breathnach, principal of Gaelscoil Pheig Sayers in Farranferris Cork explained why Mandarin is being introduced into the school curriculum and Antonio Mantero, a Castelknock football coach explained why parents supporting their children from the sidelines should keep silent.

As always Claire Darmody told us what everyone was talking about this lunchtime and Deirdre Cullen from the central statistics office joined George for numbers that talk. 

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