Mairia Cahill on Gerry Adams: "I am calling for him to do the decent thing and step down"

She was responding to the statement that Adams issued last night

Mairia Cahill spoke to Newstalk Breakfast this morning in response to the statement issued by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams last night which admitted he regrets how the IRA dealt with rapists.

She also responded to an interview with Mary Lou McDonald which aired on the show this morning.

Ms Cahill first came to public attention when she claimed she had been raped by a leading Republican back in 1997, at the age of just 16.

She went on to say that Sinn Féin's Gerry Adams knew about her situation and met with her, but failed to report the matter to authorities.

She also claimed that members of the IRA held their own version of an investigation into the alleged assualt and in the process brought her face to face with her reported assailant.

Ms Cahill told Newstalk Breakfast: "This is something I have been trying to raise for years. I knew it to be true."

"I cannot continue to do this over and over and over. They owe every victim an apology."

She continued: "We need the truth to be told on the issue and I can't say it strongly enough."

"I think it's shameful and shocking."

Here is her interview in full: