MOVIES AND BOOZE: Wine to wet your whistle for the Easter Bank Holiday

This week, Tomas Clancy's picks are: Casas del Toqui, Terroir Selection, Carmenere 2013, the Coastal Mist Sauvignon Blanc 2013,and Carryout's Gary Ring choices are: Aviary Sauvignon Blanc from Chile 2016 and the Aviary 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

Casas del Toqui, Terroir Selection, Carmenere 2013

Pricing : around €21.99 down on sale to €15.99

Available : Carry Out off licences nationwide

Like so many of the second wave of Chilean wineries the roots of the project here can be traced to European joint ventures and investment in the 1990s with the Rothschilds and Spain’s Torres family all involved. In the case of Casas del Torqui this was a joint venture between Chateau Larose Trintaudon and the Granella family, growers in Totihue Chile. The vineyards here are mostly located in the Alto Cachapoal region about an hour south of Santiago. That is today, heading the newer, cooler direction of south. We must always remember that onece we are talking new world wine s in the southern hemisphere, we have to reverse everything we know about a good vineyard. So suddenly we need to think about Northern facing slopes as the best and of course, the more northerly in the southern hemisphere, the warmer.

So if we want Bordeaux style restraint, we need to head further south, but if we want sweetness and luscious fruit those slopes need a due north, to north west slope. This is a Carmenere and famously most of Chile’s Carmenere was planted by mistake.

That is to say, not that the accidently planted vines, rather, they thought they were planting Merlot and that is what much of Chile’s great Carmenere was sold as until the mid 1990s. Then with DNA mapping by University of Montpellier’s School of Oenology showed the grape was actually Bordeaux’s Carmenere. In Bordeaux it is used to add a little peppery spice and in cooler years some lifted sweetness.

Here its quite hefty 14% alcohol is easily embraced by a warm luscious red fruit wash and a bright, lifted, sweeter finish with just a hint of spice and mild polished tannins.

Casas del Toqui, Terroir Selection, Coastal Mist Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Pricing :  around €21.99 down on sale to €15.99

Available : from Carry Out off licences nationwide

This wine is part of the Terroir selection where the emphasis is placed on how the location brings evident stylistic notes to the wine. Here the Coastal Mist name is added rightly as the vineyards that this Sauvignon Blanc are drawn from is even further south than the Carmenere in this series and much closer to the sea.

The vineyards here are located near the small town of Paredones, about 180km south of Santiago, but only 8km from the sea in a small valley. Small coastal valleys and soft rolling hills are the latest super hip areas of wine growing in Chile. This coastal climate was pioneered by growers in Casablanca Valley and Valparaiso now a by word for good Sauvignon Blanc. Paredones is following this movement but much further south, father south even than the uber hip Leyda Valley home of Chile’s best Pinot Noir. So this is even more potentially Loire like, that is to say cool. The Sauvignon Blanc here is a little more luscious in style than European Sauvignon, but not as tropical fruited as some New Zealand wines and this example is stepping away from the sweeter fruited offerings of more everyday Chilean examples. The cooler climate should offer higher acidity and you begin to feel that in this example which moves along that leaner style, but has sufficient generosity to appeal to people looking for a slightly softer style.