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Sarina Bellissimo reviews Sorry to Bother You and The Belly of the Whale

Sorry To Bother You

“Sorry To Bother You” sounds like an apologist film but it has nothing to apologize for. In this era of reboots, re-imaginings and super hero films, it is so refreshing to see a film that is so original!

“Sorry To Bother You” is set in an alternate present-day version of Oakland. Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield), his girlfriend (Tessa Thompson) and his mates are all just trying to get by in life, making ends meet. When Cassius lands a job as a telemarketer, he uses his new found ability to speak like a white person to rise through the ranks of his workplace and into a world of greed and moral dilemmas.

Lakeith Stanfield, Danny Glover and Armie Harmer are great in this film but can we all take a moment for Tessa Thompson. It doesn’t matter what film she is starring in, be it “Thor Ragnarok”, “Creed 2”, or this – she is always a standout. Her career is going from strength to strength and I can’t wait to see what other stories she is going to share with us.

Even though it is set in an alternate present, it raises a magnifying glass on what is happening in our world today. It feels like the wake up call we need. While it can be a scary, bleak, racist, greedy, self serving world, it also shines a light on how this can be a wonderful place if we think outside of ourselves and come together as one, for good.

That makes it sound like a preachy movie, but it’s not. It leaves you with many questions, which is a good thing. It is refreshing, empowering, frustrating and very entertaining too.

“Sorry To Bother You” is not a bother at all. This is 2 hours at the cinema that are very well spent! It is a must see film and one of my favourites of 2018.


The Belly of the Whale

“The Belly of the Whale” tells the tale of a 14 year old boy, Joey Moody (Lewis MacDougall), whose out on his own after losing both of his parents. When he runs into Ronald Tanner (Pat Shortt) who is doing everything in his power to raise money for his wife’s medical treatments, they hatch a plan to get the money they need to change their lives.

Writer/Director Morgan Bushe has called this an Irish western. It has the elements – the shootouts, the baddies, the not so clear goodies, and the drama. It can be bleak and dreary but it is great to see Irish film breaking into genres rather than relying on the genre of being an Irish film.

The reason you stick with this film is for one person – Pat Shortt! We all know him as the funny man but over the years he has proved that he is man of many talents and when he tackles drama – he takes us on an emotional roller coaster. He manages to make you feel every emotion he is feeling – from anger, to laughter and tears. I still don’t understand why Hollywood has not come knocking yet! He is one of our most talented actors going.

Irish film has mastered telling a story in 90 minutes or less. It knows how to edit itself and not lose the audience in dragging it out for as long as possible.

“The Belly of The Whale” is a flawed film but it is endearing and worth watching for it’s originality and Pat Shortt’s performance alone!