MOVIES & BOOZE: Exciting natural wines to brighten up your weekend

Mick O'Connell, from Findlater & Co., reviews Testalonga Skin and Gut Oggau Atanasius on today's show

Testalonga Skin

This is an “orange wine” – a white wine made like a red wine to have tannin and bite

Grape variety for this wine  is Chenin Blanc from the Swartland region. The winemaker is Craig Hawkins

This is a 2016 vintage. Craig, co-owner with wife Carla of Testalonga, says 2016 was particularly dry, the resulting challenge being to manage the big tannins on both white wines and reds.

Tasting notes

An enticing nose of flowers before citrus and yellow peach before base notes of earth and spice. Intensely flavoured but still refreshing and more-ish. Lovely balance and great length.


Gut Oggau Atanasius

A red wine made from the local Blaufrankisch and Zweigelt grapes

Biodynamic Austrian wine from Gut Oggau, Atanasius is Zweigelt and Blaufrankisch, rich and elegant.

Atanasius is made very simply in stainless steel with natural yeast to produce a stunning rich yet smooth wine with Burgundy like finesse. Charming and open, affectionate and gentle.

Gut Oggau is a 13 hectares Austrian wine estate located in the province of Burgenland by the Lake Neusiedl. The estate is today run by Eduard Tscheppe – son of a winemaker – and his wife Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck – daughter of a 2 Michelin stars Austrian restaurant owner – who took over the estate several years ago.

The vineyards are cultivated according to biodynamic principles (Demeter certified) with traditional winemaking methods in the cellar. Also, each wine is vinified with the grapes coming from a single plot, allowing to get a wide range of authentic and different personalities of wines.

Each cuvée is named after a fictional character created by Jung von Matt (German designer) and is integrated in a family tree (grandparent, parents and children).

With only 15 to 18,000 bottles a year, Gut Oggau's wines are one of the most sought after wines of Austria. Complex and original, there is no suprise in finding some of their cuvées in the best restaurants of Europe (London or Paris for instance) to pair with the Haute Cuisine.